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"Rock Report" - Belgium             "Melody for the Masses!"

"For years labels like Frontiers Records and the likes are trying to release stuff like this and now a lone Illinois dude has beaten them to the punch. No label support, no hastily put-together band of well-known players, no seasoned melodic rock song writers, none of that. Just little ol' Ronny, his guitar and a couple of friends. Awesome. Plain awesome!"

"My Global Mind"-USA       "Strutterzine"- The Netherlands

"The days when I was impressed by a new AOR release are long gone sadly, but every now and then a new album has that certain feeling I got back in the early days as a writer very frequently. RONNY LEE from a small town in the US state of Illinois has delivered an album that might easily be called the finest piece of pure 80s AOR in a very long time."

"ODAYROX" - Melodic Rock, AOR, Hard Rock, Prog, Classic Rock News

“Original Retro is a no-brainer for any true '80s AOR fan. It's home-made crafted but has captured the sound & style of the era like few have been able in this new millennium. Ronny Lee has captured the studio atmosphere of the Eighties, something so difficult to reproduce these days (even for major bands with larger budget).  As said, if you're a sucker for '80s soundtracks / AOR, "Original Retro" is a treat from Heaven, a must have album. Fooking awesome!"


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